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Common Questions

What is the goal of the Family Meal Program?

Feed Vulnerable People and Families
At-risk members of our community need food. Low-income families, their children, and the elderly may not have access to nutritious meals due to this public health crisis.

Support Small Businesses and Keep People Employed
The restaurant industry has come screeching to a halt. Skilled laborers are ready and willing to serve the community. This project utilizes the hospitality industry workforce to produce meals for families in need.

Financially Support Farmers and Purveyors Farmers and purveyors are also hurting due to sudden mass closure of restaurants in the region. This project pays our purveyors for products and utilizes perishable inventory that otherwise may have gone to waste.  

Scale the Project to Support more Restaurants and more PeopleThe founding restaurants have been working day and night on logistics such as procurement, packaging, processing, distribution, and building coalitions for funding, activation, and deployment. Once this model is proven successful, if the funding is available, this project can scale to include more restaurants and help more people in need!

How Do I Request Meals?
Currently we are working through schools and community based organizations to distribute meals and reach people in need. If you are interested in learning more about being a partner site, email

Get involved

Our goal is to produce 1,000,000 meals! We are halfway there!
Family Meal Sacramento is fiscally sponsored by the Del Paso Boulevard Foundation, which is managed by the Del Paso Blvd. Partnership  Tax ID: 20-5541333.