Notice: Family Meal Sacramento is continuing to serve meals through contracts with the County of Sacramento and Sierra Health Foundation. Please note we are no longer accepting donations at this time.



Family Meal Sacramento was developed by the owners and chefs of five Sacramento restaurants to supply thousands of people with free, pre-cooked meals during the pandemic.

The program is designed to feed people who need it, keep people employed, support small businesses, and support local farmers. Family Meal Sacramento’s original restaurant partners include Allora, Binchoyaki, Camden Spit & Larder, Canon, and Mulvaney’s B&L.

Each Meal Kit includes 4 meals. They are free for the recipients. Restaurants are reimbursed for preparing meals.

Family Meal has supported a wide variety of citizens in need including elderly residents and people living with disabilities in Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA) apartments, organizations such as Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, the Roberts Family Development Center, and Mercy Housing, as well as schools including 13 schools within the Sacramento City Unified School District and three schools within the Robla School District. More updates will be coming soon!

Preparing MealsPutting love and effort to build the meals
Binchoyaki MealsGetting the meals ready at Canon

Two exciting expansions have happened sinceFamily Meal Sacramento launched in April 2020!

We are proud that Family Meal Sacramento inspired the state of California’s Great Plates Delivered program. Great Plates Delivered is now in place in several counties in California, including Sacramento's Great Plates Delivered.  Family Meal Sacramento continues to provide meals to children and adults in need, and some of the same restaurants also prepare meals for Great Plates Delivered.

Family Meal has also partnered with Sierra Health Foundation and The County of Sacramento to continue to provide meals to those in need.

Family Meal preparation
The founding Sacramento restaurants are Allora, Binchoyaki, Canon, Camden and Mulvaney's B & L . Several farmers and product distribution companies provide products at no cost or low cost for the meal kits, including Pacific Coast Producers, Produce Express, Superior Farms and Sysco.
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Mulvaney's B&L